Saturday, June 2, 2018

Learning to be the Tortoise... Not the Hare

I just opened my BLOG for the FIRST time in almost 3 years... Really... where has time gone?
I can not believe that  34... yes THIRTY-FOUR months passed by and I have been so "busy" that  I have not taken the time to Blog.  I have carried a laptop with me EVERY WHERE. I have worked from every travel destination that I have traveled and not ONCE did I share my thoughts  with my blog audience.

I enjoy writing and sharing thoughts of my daily perceptions  and they did not get recorded... I have been so busy working  that I could  not find time to write a  single  entry  in almost 3 years.

I know better.  But I did not follow my own advise.
I got lost in the list.
I got lost trying to make sure that all of my responsibilities were met with perfection.
I got lost PERIOD.

I have always lived by a calendar.  My WHOLE professional Career, I have been a date book follower. The family schedule keeper. The "Queen" of  appointments.  My datebook has appointments  a year in advance. I work on reports and activities to prepare a week and months in advance. But I have not remembered to live each day at a time.

Go figure.... for the last few years  I have been living with my  priorities upside down. Instead of  spending my time "living", I have spent my time "planning" and  checking off of my list.

I am tired of  living by the calendar and not taking the time to "live" in the moment.

So... where do I go from here?

First.. I am going to slow down the roll and limit the number of appointments.
I think  a week without appointments would be a great start right now.

Second... Take the time to UNPLUG.  If the work can not get completed during the work week, there is always Monday. Do not  take the work computer everywhere. Take email off of the phone. Checking it during scheduled times a day will work just fine.

Third...Enjoy my family and friends. Go... now and plan time to celebrate with the ones that I love.

Fourth... Recite numbers 1-3 and remember to engage in the activities that I enjoy.

The Hare was so busy zooming down the path that he wore himself out, had to take naps just to complete the task. He did not enjoy the beauty of the travel and his travels were a big blur.
Oh yes... he also LOST the race.

The Tortoise won the race... at a slower steady pace and had fun along the way.